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  • Misguided Angel and Lost in Time are both out.
  • Wolf Pact is set to be released on September 25, 2012.
  • Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel will be released on January 2013 along with the seventh and final book of the Blue Bloods series.
  • Wolf Pact will be released in e-book form as well as hardcover.

Misguided Angel and Wolf Pact Edit

First day of the new wiki! Information of future Blue Bloods books directly from Melissa herself! Book five, Misguided Angel, is set to be released fall of 2010 and its spin-off, Wolf Pact, is due out spring of 2011. More information coming soon when she officially starts writing more. Misguided Angel is in the writing process as we speak and hopefully will be released according to schedule. More information soon!


[Edit: Wolf Pact has been postponed. Date listed above.]

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