Masquerade, the second novel in the Blue Bloods series.


Once again fifteen year old Schuyler Van Alen, a Blue Blood, is looking for the answers to her questions. Questions about the Silver Bloods, which are believed to have been defeated and treated as myths. These questions lead her to her grandfather in Venice. She must try to find out how to defeat the Silver Bloods, keep up appearances for the Van Alen family since she is the last in family member able to, and maybe even make her first Human Familiar. Schuyler also has to deal with Jack, a guy and fellow Blue Blood, that she likes, but she had accused his father of being a Silver Blood, and he turned his back on her. Could he maybe still like her? Then there's Oliver, her human conduit. She starts to look at him differently, as if there could be more to them than just friends.

Meanwhile Bliss is having problems of her own. She finds herself in places she doesn't remember going. Each time leaving her in a dangerous place, and she is having strange dreams. Dreams of a Silver Blood coming after her. Are these just awful nightmares, or has she gone insane? She also has to deal with the fact that Dylan is dead, but then a stranger saves her from one of her mysterious escapades. Could it have been Dylan? Maybe he was still alive. Bliss must decide whether or not she believes that Dylan could still be alive. Does she dare let herself hope.

Mimi Force is still dictating the school, and has a dazzling plan to have an after party, exclusively for teens, after the annual Four Hundred Ball. To make it even more interesting, everyone was to wear masks. In Masquerade Mimi becomes more and more jealous of Schuyler, because it appears Jack is falling in love with Schuyler. Mimi and Jack have a special bond and it has always been that way, and Mimi wants it to stay that way. So with the help of Kingsley Martin, a new ally and fellow student, Mimi plans to destroy Schuyler.

In the final climax of the story a Silver Blood is somehow released, and Mimi is to blame. Can Schuyler help prove Mimi's innocence, or is Mimi doomed to be dead...forever?